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Inside Kiewit Luminarium Exhibit Design: You Wear It Well

July 29, 2022

Behind the Scenes

Our clothing is one way we message who we are in the world. In the You Wear It Well exhibit, you will get to “try on” outfits by projecting different clothing styles onto your body. The clothing items featured in this exhibit will be creations by students from Omaha South High School’s fashion program.

Earlier this summer, we visited South to photograph these talented students wearing their own designs, including dresses, pants, jackets, skirts, and shirts. In addition to being featured in You Wear It Well, the students will showcase their designs on the runway in collaboration with Omaha Fashion Week in 2023.

We are grateful to the teachers and students who are participating in creating this exhibit. We can’t wait for everyone to experience You Wear It Well at Kiewit Luminarium next spring!