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Come explore the astonishing phenomena that shape our world, our communities, and ourselves. With more than 100 interactive exhibits and a kaleidoscope of engaging programs, you’ll want to visit Kiewit Luminarium again and again. Become a founding member today to secure early access!

What makes our membership approach different? You.

With the goal to engage people of all ages, identities, and backgrounds, our innovative membership program is relationship-driven, with generous benefits and pricing that reflects real world income distribution.


Pricing Options for All

We offer different membership pricing options so that everyone can be part of Kiewit Luminarium. No matter which option you choose, you will enjoy the same great benefits.

Support Community

When you pay full price or make an additional contribution, you support our mission and help make Kiewit Luminarium accessible to everyone in our community.

Let’s Talk About Money

Inside our Make It Count exhibition, you’ll find playful exhibits on numbers and money that make math relevant and encourage dialogue. Our membership program continues the conversation.

Which membership options would you like to explore?

You’ll want to visit again and again to experience the Luminarium’s ever-changing programs and exhibit experiences. We offer multiple membership types and pricing to fit your needs and budget. To get started, please choose an option below.


Gift Memberships: If you would like to give someone a Luminarium membership as a gift, click here.

Full Price

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Recommended if:

  • You feel comfortable purchasing membership at full price.
  • You’d like to make an additional contribution to support special programs, no-cost, and reduced cost memberships for others.

Reduced Price

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Recommended if:

  • You feel more comfortable purchasing membership at a reduced price.
  • You have already spent most of your budget for local memberships.

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