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Luminarium for All

Accessibility and Inclusion at Kiewit Luminarium

We are committed to cultivating a space for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to explore astonishing scientific phenomena that shape our world, our communities, and ourselves.  

Whether you would like to learn more about our equity-driven membership program, confirm how to get here, or check out the amenities and accommodations we offer, the following pages will help you prepare for your visit and ensure a wonderful experience for all.


Financial Access

We offer different pricing options to make discovery accessible and ensure guests from all financial backgrounds feel welcome.

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Getting to Kiewit Luminarium

No matter how you travel to the Luminarium, we aim to make our stunning location on the Missouri River easy to find and access.

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Exploring the Museum

The Luminarium was designed for all kinds of learners with accessibility in mind. We work closely with community partners on staff training, program experiences, and continuing improvements to enhance exploration.

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Exhibits and Programs

Our inquiry-based exhibits and programs blend curiosity and creativity, and we invite guests of all ages and inclinations to explore in their own way.

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Resources and Accommodations

We strive to joyfully engage each guest and provide a range of resources to meet the diverse needs of our community.

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Website Accessibility

Our website is designed with accessibility in mind and to provide guests with a user-friendly online experience.

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