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Website Accessibility

Our website is designed with accessibility in mind and to provide guests with a user-friendly online experience.

Audio and Video Content

Many of our webpages contain audio and video contents, and wherever it is feasible we provide a text-based alternative, including captions and transcripts.

Browser Support

We test our webpages to render correctly on most recent versions of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.

Keyboard Accessibility

Most parts of our webpages can be accessed using only tab-based keyboard or keyboard emulators to navigate through the site.

Site Layout

Our webpage layouts are structured for easy navigation for individuals using a screen reader. We use semantic HTML5 with appropriate tags to distinguish content headings, sections, listings, tables, and other formatting features so that guests can easily and consistently use the website with assistive technology.

Text Alternatives

Wherever images appear on our webpages, a text-based alternative is provided for screen readers to read the alternate text content.

Text and Background Colors

Our webpages are often rich with content, images, and functionality, and we consider accessibility in our design and content creation process.

Third-Party-Provided Components

Many of our webpages use third-party-vendor-provided components. While Kiewit Luminarium cannot control third-party components, we encourage our vendors to provide content and components that are accessible and user friendly.

User-Generated Content

Some of our webpages use social media widgets that contain user-generated content and images. Kiewit Luminarium does not control user-generated content, including whether it is accessible or user friendly.


Most modern browsers support page zooming functionality, to allow users to increase or decrease the size of the page content without loss of content or function. Our webpages are optimized to use the browser zoom functionality. Users will be able to zoom-in or zoom-out for most parts of the webpages.

Additional Assistance

If you are having difficulty viewing or navigating the content on this website, or notice any content, feature, or functionality that you believe is not fully accessible to people with disabilities, please contact our team. If sending an email, please indicate “Website Feedback” in the subject line and provide a description of the specific feature you feel is not fully accessible or a suggestion for improvement.

Questions or Feedback?

Questions, comments, or concerns regarding Kiewit Luminarium’s website accessibility are encouraged and welcomed:

By email: [email protected]

In person: 345 Riverfront Drive, Omaha, NE