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With more than 100 interactive exhibits, a kaleidoscope of engaging programs, and weekly special events, there will always be more to explore at Kiewit Luminarium. Read on for a sampling of what will be waiting for you.

Catch Waves

Dive into motion, sound, light, and heat.

Hands-on exploration of the fundamental physics and universal phenomena that shape our world. Colorful, multisensory experiences will encourage you to follow your curiosity as you swing pendulums, make waves, create amazing shadows, see your body heat, play music, and more.

Henry Davis and Christina Fazzone Gallery

Dig Deeper

Explore land, water, structures, and tools.

You are here. With Greater Omaha as the focus, explore how we live within our environments, shaping and being shaped by the world around us. Experiment with stream dynamics, plunge your hand into warm compost, pump groundwater, turn gears, build structures, and construct chain reactions.

Union Pacific Foundation Gallery

Find Yourself

Explore your cells, self, and community.

Explore different aspects of being human – how each one of us is both a unique individual and part of a larger social world. This comfortable and inviting space supports curious exploration of topics that can be self-revelatory, sociable, and sensitive. Zoom in to see how cells make up a person, then zoom out to explore how people make up a society.

Nebraska Medicine | UNMC Gallery

Make it Count

Climb into shapes, patterns, and numbers.

Immerse yourself in investigations, collaborative games, and thought experiments that encourage exploration of the shapes that make up our environments and the attitudes that shape our financial futures. Assemble simple shapes into richly complex patterns and create designs of startling beauty. Peer through a microscope that reveals money’s hidden wonders and sense the power of compound interest by testing super-sized dominoes.

FNBO Gallery

The Grid

A striking, two-story tower, The Grid invites you to consider the innovation, technology, and skills we each use daily in the care of our belongings and communities. Home improvement requires knowledge of materials and planning, like building a skyscraper. Advocating for a bus route requires systems thinking, like designing software. Mending a sweater requires technical skills used in creating haute couture. Through our everyday work, we express our values, deploy skills, and create something new. See yourself and your neighbors reflected in stories of local residents, and try your hand at basic making, tending, and repair. Find The Grid in our Dig Deeper exhibition.

The Grewcock Family

Geometry Playground

Large-scale, colorful immersive structures, including a gyroid, stellated icosahedron, truncated octahedron, and helix, invite free-form play and create a full-body experience of geometry. Find Geometry Playground in our Make It Count exhibition.

Anne M. Hubbard

Learn with Luminators

Connect with youth and young adult educators from across our community and the region. Luminators engage with visitors, lead demonstrations, and serve as vital connectors. Learn more about Luminators here.

Get Lit

Play at adults-only Thursday nights with exhibits and provocative programs that will expand your brain and spark joy.

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