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CWS 2023: Kiewit Luminarium opens new baseball exhibits for all ages

June 15, 2023

Story originally published by WOWT and Johan Marin.
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For all you baseball fans, there’s something new this College World Series this year: The Kiewit Luminarium is embracing its place near Charles Schwab Field with several new interactive baseball exhibits.

“We’re in the baseball spirit,” Long said. “We know the national championships are in town so we want to do something that went into the science of baseball.”

Marketing coordinator Z Long told 6 News that one of the exhibits that opened up is a whiffle ball play area — a space where creative minds can show off their skills.

“There’s a ton of science behind that plastic critter especially throwing it,” Long said. “It holds the aerodynamics, the holes, the way you can bend, and the whistle you grew up hearing when you throw a whiffle ball.”

Dimmed purple lights illuminate the play area and as you step inside you immediately feel the “fake” grass on the floor.

Long describes this experience as a late night at the park feel.

“It also gets into the spirit of light and illumination that we like to spread here,” Long said.

If baseball fans feel like swinging the bat, they can in their colored shadows exhibit, where they can also learn the physics of the bat and the ball.

“Whether that’s the force that happens or when the ball and the bat connect,” Kephart said. “If it’s dissecting baseballs, softballs, pumpkin balls we’re just sharing with our community what that’s like.”

Amanda Kephart is the Kiewit Luminarium’s program manager. She believes science is everywhere and that learning about it isn’t just for kids.

“Most of us take the philosophy that learning is a lifelong goal,” Kephart said.

She also encourages everyone to visit the Luminarium’s baseball exhibits so you can learn about baseball one pitch at a time.

All exhibits will be open through June 25.